Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cloud Computing, Future of Information Engineering

After the advent of fire, internet is another landmark development in the history of mankind. Internet has dramatically changed human lifestyle, both in personal and professional subjects and also transformed the way we think, govern and perceive human interactions. Transactions carried out by means of electronic data interchange, and other means of electronic communication, commonly referred as "e- commerce", needs superior efficiency and high level of information security.

As the world is becoming increasingly open towards leveraging Global resources and information services to optimize their business investments; Cloud computing is expected to become potential base for global and local business enterprises.

Economic turbulence has also forced enterprises across the world to redefine their business objectives and strategies. I envision, within next few years, the business hubs completely adopting cloud computing for their business process applications and business transactions but there is a further need towards adoption of futuristic technologies to optimize their IT investments. Now it is important to enable unified information infrastructure, a framework which makes transaction fast and secure.

Suppression of Centuries by foreign rules (From East India Co. to outsourcing service dependencies) has come to an end now as INDIAN technologists have broken shackles of foreign slavery and lengthened the vision for future INDIA.

Mityung is an Information Infrastructure Engineering and zero foot-print technology Company, equipped with technology excellence and thought leadership; conceived to drive transformation and growth of technology innovation in cloud computing. Mityung is born with the vision to Crystallize Human Intelligence through Innovation of Information Infrastructures. Our proclaimed goal at Mityung is technology innovation that can enable global business enterprises for their domain sovereignty.

Mityung’s Technology Innovations:

Framework: Darmiyan SOA, an advanced logic fusion service oriented architecture to drastically bring down the resource utilization of any cloud computing applications

Script: IML (Indus Mark-up Language), a Packet Compression Algorithm embedded mark-up language to enable electronic data transaction at higher speed and in a highly secured fashion.