Wednesday, June 1, 2011

“Darmiayn - SOA” reflection of human LIFE

“Darmiyan SOA” is an advanced logic fusion service oriented architecture, capable of bringing down the resource utilization of any cloud computing application to the greater extent compared to existing frameworks in the universe of information communication technology.

The term, “Darmiyan SOA” is a virtual blend of Darmiyan (means “equilibrium" or "in-between” in Urdu/Persian) and SOA, wherein "Darmiyan" signify balancing of scope of services within information communication platform and "SOA" is universally known approach for building loose coupled software system architectures.

Darmiayn SOA is union of service components placed in various layers of system architecture like “Human LIFE”, a temporary union of five mechanism placed in three layers- Physical, Mental, Spiritual; each component act drive to balance life with the environment.

First component “Interface” lies in Physical layer and composite adaptors like ear, nose, tong, eye, and skin of human, to interface with external world. Similarly Darmiyan SOA adaptors are communication medium as five physical facets in human life those considered as medium for five basic senses.

Second component “Perception” lies in Mental layer, which perceives the information received from adaptors in the physical layer and integrates with logic, like sixth sense of human life integrates impression of the physical facets - five senses with the mind.

Third component “Notion” too lies in Mental layer, which conceptualizes the information received from physical layer integrated with schema formed within logic. Human conception also conceptualizes the impression after perception is formed in mind.

Forth component “Intelligence” too lies in Mental layer, which stimulate the system to take action on concept. As human tantras motivate action on conception formed within mind.

Fifth component “Decision” lies in Spiritual layer, which integrates the components of Perception, Conception, and Intelligence then discernment to derives the final output; the way it derives conscious in Spiritual layer in the human life.