Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advance Cloud Computing Technology by MITYUNG

IML (Indus Mark-up Language) is an advanced numerical operating programming language embedded with packet compression algorithm to enable electronic data transaction at higher speed and in a highly secured fashion. It was introduced by MITYUNG to enable matrix manipulations and plotting of functions on browsers. IML is developed for numerical computation on browsers and optimize cloud computing, this also allows the accessibility of bit manipulation and allegorical computing capabilities. Security and Performance of internet based application is great challenge for "e- commerce" systems however, IML enables superior quality electronic data transactions over other conventional mark-up languages.

Darmiyan SOA is an advanced logic fusion service oriented architecture framework that enables index manipulations in server. This framework was introduced by MITYUNG to bring down the resource utilization of any cloud computing applications. As the world is becoming increasingly open towards leveraging Global resources and information services to optimize their business investments; Cloud computing is expected to become potential base for global and local business enterprises.


Take an example of a person ordering meal from a restaurant; In a conventional set-up, restaurant guy takes requirement from client and proceed to process meal as requested, however in smarter set-up like fast food joints, pre-cooked arrangements are made to ease the delivery system. But, in both scenario there is lag time to process meal within the establishments (server) then time to make delivery on requested address.

What if an algorithm turns establishments into pure sever mode to offer ingredients based on meal requested by client and hygienic meal processing happens within delivery system (on the way to requested address)? This would definitely save tremendous amount of resources needed within establishments (server) and make business processes more efficient.

Point a case, if meal is ordered by huge mass at a time then system in conventional set-up would multiply time to process, however smarter set-up would act little more efficient than conventional one.

Think of technological algorithm wherein establishment acts as server to offer ONLY ingredients and meal processing happens in delivery system, then resource requirement in establishment does not go up indeed but delivery system resources requirement shoot-up in all kind of set-up. Nonetheless resource required in the sever goes drastically goes down and all the requests are fulfilled in time within expected quality parameters.

Here is the difference brought by set of technologies innovated by MITYUNG in cloud computing ground for the global enterprises catering to mass user base.

Technology deployment - MDYantra, a global healthcare ecosystem on cloud