Friday, January 20, 2012

NO Child Born To Die - Is God Blind?

Bengal hospital horror wobble regional political milieu in West Bengal and get squabble amongst the politicians – such infant death indicates our profound disgrace and gross incompetence of heathcare system in India, so demonstrate our primitive approach to deal with child mortality. It is unfortunate and utter surprise for the entire nation- despite all the facts, so called leaders are trying to find scapegoat to the subject matter and political parties censuring each other.

India accounts for the highest number of child mortality (child death under five years of age) in the world at 1.95 million per year. With over 240 million children under the age of five, India contributes 25 percent of the world’s child deaths. It is evident that a major turnaround in India will ensure a significant impact globally!. “More than 1 million child deaths in India can easily be prevented every year.” – UNISEF. What is baffling is that a vast majority of these deaths could be easily averted. Simple measures like exclusive breast-feeding for six months can prevent child deaths by a good 16%. Proven strategies and interventions such as keeping the newborn baby sufficiently warm, neonatal resuscitation, micronutrient supplements such as vitamin A and zinc and antibiotics for sepsis, pneumonia and dysentery are expected to be discussed.

Almost 10.5 million children, under age of 5 years die every year in the world. Nonetheless visible progress has been made since 1970, when the count was more than 17 million. These reductions did not take place uniformly across time and regions, but the success stories in developing countries demonstrate clearly that low mortality levels are attainable in those settings. The effects of such achievements are not to be underestimated. If the whole world were able to share the present child mortality experience of Iceland (the lowest in the world in 2002), over 10 million child deaths could be prevented each year. Fifteen other countries, mainly European countries but including Japan and Singapore, had child mortality rates in 2002 of less than 5 per 1000 live births.

Research and experience show that most of the children who die each year could be saved by low-tech, evidence-based, cost-effective measures such as vaccines, antibiotics, micronutrient supplementation, insecticide-treated bed nets, improved family care and breastfeeding practices, and oral rehydration therapy.

“The main causes of death are pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, neonatal fatalities, and HIV. –WHO. 1 child dies every 5 seconds as a result of hunger, 700 every hour, 16 000 each day, 6 million each year - 60% of all child deaths. Children are at greater risk of dying globally if they are poor. Socioeconomic differences contributes major part in child mortality; malnutrition and the lack of safe water and hygiene contribute to half of all these children’s deaths.

Your voice counts- Help to educate neighborhood to save precious lives.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A KISS OF AN ANGEL in the valley of death

Preface: A biological phenomenon of entrepreneurial attempt
In a journey of entrepreneurship, “valley of death” implies a state fraught with difficulties in which situations do not accord with venture roadmap and team gets exhausted with obvious resources. 

In the entrepreneurial cosmology, this impression is described as repeated cycles of challenge, obstacle continuance, decline and business disintegration through which all entrepreneurs have to pass. All the successful entrepreneurs knew such condition derives from the fact that all phenomena are transient. 

Entrepreneurship is way of life to pursue “dream”. It is broadly classified into- opportunity based and need based; Basic ingredients in both the scenario are- Courage, Conviction, Determination, and Compassion of entrepreneurs to take venture forward in the roadmap. 

This story is intended to illuminate the truth and wisdom necessary to sail calmly over the troubled sea of entrepreneurial journey. 

Backdrop: Be a Rising Ape than a Falling Angel
Since my childhood, I always liked the scientific component of medicine but my technological aptitude propelled my academics into engineering. At the same time, I liked business and wanted a career with a high level of social responsibility. 

Blend of trio, plus encouragement from my healthcare domain exposures during employment, led me to conceive omnipresent healthcare solution for precise patient care

Attitude Can Let You Measure Even Globe:
My entrepreneurial journey started with incorporation of MITYUNG as an information communication technology Company, wherein I have collaborated all the resources within my reach to plan the venture.

I was smitten by the vision of enabling healthcare omnipresence, observing the global market and state, the need in the healthcare space globally. I wanted to innovate technology for masses and deploy into healthcare in the global context. Basically I wanted to develop healthcare platform on cloud, which would be reaching to millions of consumers and touching the millions of lives for healthcare needs.

I was definite that I was not betting on the wrong horse; nevertheless at no time in the past has anybody in my connection either from family or friends had experienced such journey. But, I have never been afraid of trying something that was never been done before because; I believe, whatever I will experience and discover will be cascaded to upcoming generations.

A Ship is Safe in Harbour, But That's Not What Ships Are For.:
At the outset, things looked pretty straight, simple and very exciting because, it was distinct from service environment; faraway from conventional corporate customs, where deeds are directed either by business owners or by clients. However, it was now solely my own dream to be planned and executed. 

In the fall of 2009, I had decided to lease physical office space to convert blue prints of business idea into venture roadmap and to execute further (because I wasn’t  blessed with spare garage and servant quarter like many other fortunate start-ups do), so I rented a small office space before making exit from last employment. I had started making infrastructural arrangements during my weekly time-offs to begin the operation immediate after my exit. But one unfortunate morning, I was knocked- off by the episode when I had learnt about our preliminary office arrangements had been burgled by some unidentified elements before we could even start the operation. Nonetheless, I stood back and arranged another office space to fuel my enthusiasm to pursue further. 

Each Drop Counts to Make Ocean:
Zeroed in on new establishment; therein, I had kicked-off the operation and had been enjoying every moments of breaking shackles of deadlock situations of the concept shapes and moving ahead in initial venture roadmap.

Things were going pretty well till phase 1 of released into beta, but that wasn’t it. We were very close to achieving 1st milestone, but despite of burning the mid night oils for two year, now time had started oozing the resources and circumstances were propelling the venture adverse to the roadmap.

I wanted to just settle dusts down, assuming, it may take a little bit of tweaking to align the front and back correctly. But, that wasn’t so easy to balance professional and personal front when treasure in storehouse was almost empty and treasure of body was in process of deter. 

Uneven Road Can Challenge even Ferrari Speed:
It was the point to hit on to investors big time, to get momentum in the business but fund raising happened to be absolute grey for me. I had started approaching angels through all the available sources; online and offline, it was like finding needle in the dense jungle and moreover a very complex process, tougher than finding suitable groom for alien MANGLIK lass in the Indian context.

High rejection in preliminary meetings and disappointments in other stages were run of the mill affairs. Every time I met a potential investor, it was like exploring new contours of the infinite landscape.

Steel Balls Can Get You an Eagle Eye:
Growth is joyful challenge! Real growth is always uncomfortable, it means stretching beyond what you can do.

It was dejection time when my venture was bleeding dry, and almost moving to oblivion. It was like a warrior getting exhausted with food for self and the horse in the endeavor of war. I had been creeping on very tightrope; battling with self and circumstances, striking pathways as a thunderbolt in the family front. Finally, I had to detach all my physical securities and earnings from my family in the endeavor of sustaining the venture but that wasn’t enough to generate business impetus.

I have given my life and all my life resources to the venture and vibrantly started seeking mentor, who has accumulated great wisdom and experience through their entrepreneurial journey to inspire my confidence and get access to business critical resources.

You Can See Stars Only in The Darkness:
Entrepreneurship is a strange concoction of uphill struggle and destiny. Indeed, everything, whether in the realm of natural phenomena or of business affairs, changes continuously. Nothing maintains exactly the same state for even briefest instance; the most solid-seeming rock and minerals are subject to erosive effect of time. 

However, treasure of heart - conviction and determination; is the sword of entrepreneurial warrior to defunct any obstacles in the journey.

I visited Qutub Minar to strengthen my conviction and get inspiration from history, monument shining with glory of a slave turned Sultan- “Qutab-ud-din Aibak”, founder of slave dynasty, an exquisite example of a true entrepreneur.

I continued perseverance to enrich my treasure of heart, seeking wisdom to respond any catastrophic situations. It was karmic chakra, I got slew of smart people in the team and co-founder like Anand; we both had the same altruistic goals with technology innovations and personal approach towards human revolution.

Finally, pursuit of mentor concluded into reality, like a Kiss of an angel in the valley of death and his insights of entrepreneurship has broadened my cognitive system and deepened my thoughts.

Everything You Can Imagine is Real:
Extinction of resources is not greater tragedy that befalls entrepreneurs in the “making of an enterprise” but losing “hope to win” is far more tragic while one is still alive. I have passed into extinction and able to secretly expound my entrepreneurial journey. 

I believe this is an obvious biological phenomenon of entrepreneurial attempt…Journey is more significant than final destination! 

Journey: Continued… 
Story has not yet finished my friend…….lets catch-up after the break

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