Monday, November 26, 2012

Executive Dashboard – MITYUNG perspective

In the vista of information age, visuals triumph over texts almost every time. However in the light of quick and clear communication, text sprinkled on graphics makes communication greater.

Graphics registers faster than textual information, so dashboards speak an international language. Study after study, experiment after experiment has proven that information in visual forms have superior precision; even researchers claim- visual information quickly affects both cognitive and emotional system of a human.

Communication do exist since birth of human civilization. Information through representational elements like images and graphics are deciphered simultaneously by human brain while language is decoded in a linear and sequential fashion.

Context to decision making process, quick availability of actionable information is key for all the business enterprises. Performance Dashboards are designed specially for business executives to visualize business performance and make decision for next course.

Dashboards are highly effective business intelligence tools, nonetheless there are basic slip-ups made while designing a dashboard, which leads to unrewarding intelligence as well as ineffective practice.

Some points to keep in mind while designing a executive dashboards:-

1. Lets not clutter the information – Make sure it provides at-a-glance views of KPIs
2. Designers to wear executive shoes - Focus on information sequence.
3. Right chart for information precision– Its not Rangoli to be designed, so usage of charts to be objective.
4. Remember your car Dashboard– Limit overview in just a single page.

Every executive would like to see their business performance of each products & services on various time scales, and further drilldown to region, locations, entity level. They would also be interested to learn ROI on each specific product and service in entity level and data aggregation back to top.

Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal so dashboards should have information synchrony and reciprocity between business and executives. Business performance dashboards should be made discrete using interactive maps drilling down to region, location, entity levels.

Dashboards should provide visibility to critical business activities and a complete overview business activities with easy-to-read interface along with historical trends of an business KPIs (key performance indicators) to enable instant and appropriate decisions at a glance.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Human civilization by year 2080 - A technology perspective

Its 2012 today and we are enjoying technology advancement in both personal and professional arena in many ways. An imagination of human civilization by 2080 dashes me foolish.

I envision, by 2080 human would be able to move from one location to another within flip of seconds without conventional mode of transportations. I get intoxicated thinking -where would we dump present mode of transportations?:)

Human curiosity and intelligence have excelled human in interpreting multi-dimensional information to derive judgmental views. Technological advancements played an important role in leveraging fluid and crystallize intelligence.

Innovators like –
  • Pranav Mistry, a research fellow of MIT Media Lab, USA is working on integrating physical objects with digital objects - Gesture transmission into information by seamless integration with real world.
  • Weijun Li and Longyi Shao of University of Mining and Technology, China are working on transmission of electron (aerosol) particles from one location to another.
  • Telekommunisten is working on transformative power of digital communications to the physical sphere with a global sharing platform for the transmission of physical objects - packet dissemination through pneumatic tubes.
Cloning technologies have been around for much longer than information and digital technology- Makes an exact genetic copy of an organism. Blend of such technologies might mimic the natural process of cloning and defunct all traditional process of transports.

Many stories have been formulated, describing advancement of technology in the backdrop of human civilization - Existence of television and telepathy have been explained very lucid in some of the Indian epics but such capabilities were restricted to very specific people.

Historically, concept of television did exist for few thousand years in various human cultures and it was being used to view the activities of distant location by super humans and telepathy too did exist for them to communicate without any modern devices. However technology advancement in present era has made it available to every common man - Today people can see distant activities using television devices and can speak with anyone using mobile devices.

A thought is born to transmit human body through internet protocols without losing even a bit data in the process. Nonetheless, particle size and shape can dramatically alter the physical and therapeutic properties of a substance, so its very important to derive algorithm keeping veracity of data being transmitted. 

Incredible PARAMs:-
  1. Location Information (Geo-codes of Source & Destination)
  2. Body decompounding at source and compounding in destination
  3. Compression and Transmission of decompounded data
  4. Temporary storage of decompounded data
I might sound untamed and eerie - thinking human body decompounding, transmitting, and compounding but that’s how inventions do conceive.