Wednesday, April 24, 2013

32 and 64 Bit Computers

There are several elements of computer hardware; In general they don’t concern users until, there is greater objective to make optimum utilization of every resource in the machine. One of them is the 'data buss', which facilitates transportation of data among all the elements of computer system and also connects memory to the rest of the system, including the brain of computer called processor.

In a 32-bit computer, data buss size is 32-bits wide, wherein buss size gets doubled in a 64-bit computer, so 64 bit computer is capable of carrying twice the size of data around the system elements.

  • 64-bit machines are having more advanced security features like Kernel Patch Protection
  • 64-bit device drivers are digitally signed to avoid random crashes.


  • Context to web surfing it may not demonstrate significant difference but heavy graphics processing and scientific calculations will be more efficient in 64 bit computers.
  • Strongly recommended for graphics applications ie: photo, video, games, CAD, etc. 
  • A 64-bit OS allows you to run greater memory wherein 32-bit restricted to maximum of 4 GB RAM.