Thursday, July 24, 2014

BIG DATA – Reveal latent Information

We have been generating data, a lot of data since human saga; it wasn’t stored everlasting, so destroyed with age. Every human endeavor generates data; in-fact whatever we do in our daily life that generates data. Nevertheless, now we capture and store these data to access obvious information, but large set of data always remains unprocessed and information are concealed within latent sate of data.

Primitive engines were unable to store and process these humongous data to make it capable enough for business folks’ interpretation.

Civilization moving @ speed of thought, so flow of data. Advancement of information technology has definitely evolved countable mechanisms for data storage- humongous data and big data. So, we talk about big data today. Magnitude of data growing by leaps and bounds, so need of computing quantum has been accelerated in the similar scale.

Technological paradigm shift in the information age, has brought great apps to enable users speaking their mind and getting them excited to enter data. Mobile interfaces boomed the online interactions - These technologies are firing up people to generate data, big data, so accelerating data accumulation. Obvious information changing our character and our expectations too.

There are wide range of values in every cube of data. Today business is all about progression in data accumulation and processing on those data to derive information; business insight and prediction.  We only need communicable information that can solve business problems; rest are just a garbage. Analytics from only structured data may be disruptive, so data lied in unstructured state needs to be engineered for letting information to peep. Data scientists are classically trained to tow the information by coining data.

Until last decade, we were browbeaten to process big data using traditional computing techniques. Now technology advancement can manage velocity and volume of data being generated. Parallel processing of the humongous data is possible by means of algorithmic engines developed by present human race, so we are fostering talents on Big Data to capitalize market need.