Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Doctor for Mobiles is Born!

Digital advancement trending towards time crunch for social meetings. Mobile phone has become very integral part of human life. One can manage without meal, but without mobile device! I doubt. Time neither waits for anything nor for anyone; and keeps transforming civilization from present to history.

It was royal messenger, who used to deliver information from one end to another; and only royal families did enjoy such status. Problem statement then was merely a communication gap, so it is even today; despite of all the technology advancement in information communication world. At the outset, the Royal Elegant telephone was invented, having 9 digits round dial pad - then information communication journey begun to reach present state of smart phones and all its future endeavors. Mobile phones evolved to address this very gap of instant communication. Ice was broken by Nokia in 1997 having games (Memory, Snake, Logic ) and some utilities (Calculator, clock and calendar, Currency converter) on mobile phones. Since then NOT only technology but interfaces have also evolved to shape new heights of present state of mobile devices, having equipped with high computing powers.

Irony is advancement of information interfaces have yet challenged the veracity of real information. Context to domain of information and subject matter, mobile apps taken space to address this very gap of information exchange. Smart phones and devices have been showered with features and functionalities to get top in the race. Information velocity has boosted to never imagined exchange rate, but quantum of available application (~ 2 million apps) and spread of mobile devices (~7 billion) have built the maze around the soar. Most mobile users may not be aware about all the features embedded into it until a messenger friend recommends it.

Unlike human and other living species, mobile devices too fall sick. Physicians do exist for human and pets. How about doctor for mobiles? Isn’t it serious NOTE to brainstorm? Millions of mobile devices are born and get extinct every now and then, but very few of them are blessed to live full life. Unlike human, mobiles do have autoimmune diseases - in the form of social apps, stretched across device reach and it’s getting epidemic.

I note, despite gamut range of options and technology progression – a messenger is still needed; Only difference I see is NOT having restricted to royal families. Thousands of smart phone models have surfaced into market place, so making a choice for right phone has become challenge. Selection criteria got restricted to RAM, Processor, Camera Px, Battery Life, HD Storage vs price.

An attempt to facilitate making right choice and efficient usage of these mobile devices, QAroid is born.

Guideline to Choose mobile right for you.
·         Single touch interface for all the instant utilities
·         Easy interface to learn your own device
·         Testing of features and functionalities (Hardware/ Software)
·         Managing Apps
·         Managing Device Performance
·         Back-up arrangement of your data on mobile device

QAroid, reliable android doctor will allow fixing mobile sickness within and beyond geography.